Balow Endorsements

U.S. Senator Al Simpson (retired):
Jillian's common sense and experience are just what we need. She's the gal to clean up this mess. She knows the Wyoming way.

U.S. Senator Mike Enzi:
"As a parent, teacher and effective administrator, Jillian has worked hard to enrich Wyoming classrooms and ensure our young people have the education and experience they need to be successful. She will be a new leader focused on local control and real results. Jillian has the experience we need to make Wyoming schools the very best."

U.S. Senator John Barrasso:
In regards to leading Wyoming in public education, Jillian Balow has the fundamentals that are right for our future. She is a steadfast proponent of local control and for policies that put our students, parents, and teachers first. Jillian has not only talked about education, she has worked successfully on reforms that help our students learn, grow and succeed in life. With so many changes happening nationally in education, we need a leader in our Office of Public Instruction who has real classroom experience. I know that Jillian will make the tough decisions required for our children to compete and achieve their dreams.

U.S. Representative Cynthia Lummis: Supporter of Jillian Balow U.S. Representative (former) Barbara Cubin:
Jillian Balow is a friend of children, parents, educators, and communities. She cares deeply about the future of our state. She is a leader. She is my friend and she is your friend too.

Former Governor Matt Mead: Our federal delegation leads a strong slate of Republican candidates in 2014 including Jillian Balow. I support her and urge Wyoming voters to support her too.” Governor Matt Mea Governor Jim Geringer: “We need Jillian to clean things up. Let’s not wait four more years.” Secretary of State Max Maxfield: “Jillian Balow’s experience, expertise, and professional abilities make her the #1 candidate to lead the Department of Education. She is a proven conservative leader and exactly what we need in our next Superintendent. I proudly endorse Jillian.

State Auditor Cynthia Cloud:
I have worked directly with Jillian to resolve issues in state government. She is a leader that uses common sense and thinks toward the future.

State Treasurer Mark Gordon:Jillian's experience as both an administrator and a teacher gives her a unique and familiar view of our education system. I believe her experience and perspective are just the right ingredient in any recipe to improve our schools. As Superintendent of Public Instruction, Jillian will bring the right attitude, commitment, and stick-to-intuitiveness to make a real difference for our kids."

State Superintendent of Public Instruction (former) Judy Catchpole:
The future of our kids is at stake. Jillian Balow has the rock solid experience to give Wyoming kids what they need. She is a prepared, enthusiastic, and driven team builder who will put Wyoming's kids first.