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Our Focus

Conservative Governance

As your State Superintendent, I serve as the Chief Executive Officer of the Wyoming Department of Education. The WDE has a budget of nearly $2 billion and over 120 employees statewide.

-Since taking office in 2015, I have
-Realized a 15% operational budget reduction and reduced staff by 15 employees;
-Reorganized the agency to bring about the greatest capacity for work in recent history;
-Made efficiency recommendations to the Wyoming legislature to help solve the education funding crisis.
Most recommendations became law in 2017 and 2018.

I WILL CONTINUE TO FIND EFFICIENCIES IN EDUCATION by reducing education bureaucracy.
-Streamline work to best support schools to significantly increase the number of students who ready for college, career, or military service.
-Remove restrictions to increase spending flexibility for local school districts.
-Push back against federal overreach by the U.S. Department of Education and advocate for state flexibility and control over funding and accountability

Leadership Initiatives

Since taking office in 2015, I have led efforts to accomplish major tasks never done before in Wyoming history:

-Computer Science
-For the first time in Wyoming history, we updated our Wyoming educational basket of goods to include computer science as a required content area that must be offered to all students. I led this multi-year effort and formed a partnership with business, education, and state and local leaders to accomplish this change. From 2015 to 2018, the number of students who took the AP Computer Science exam in WY has grown by over 300%.

-College, Career, and Military Readiness-For the first time in Wyoming history, we updated our statewide accountability system to include college, career, and military readiness as specific measures of student and school success.
-State System of School Support--For the first time in Wyoming history, we worked with legislature and State Board of Education to create the first ever multi-tiered state system of support for schools identified as needing improvement in the Wyoming Accountability in Education Act.
-Military Family Support-Partnered with the Wyoming Military Department to pass historic legislation to help children and spouses of active duty and guard service members.
-Wyoming Business Alliance-The first State Superintendent in history to serve on the steering committee of the Wyoming Business Alliance, solidifying ties with the business community and education.

In my second term, I will continue to:
(a) Focus on school safety and security;
(b) Strengthen networks and partnerships with diverse representation from the public and private sectors to inform policy and improve student outcomes.
(c) Move education forward by successfully implementing initiatives already started and by leading new initiatives.
(d) Support local school districts and communities with promising initiatives.
(e) Focus on transitions from early learning to kindergarten and from high school to post-secondary opportunities.

School Accountability and Support

Since 2015, I have

-Tackled complex political issues that plagued Wyoming education for years by focusing on student outcomes, local control, transparency, and responsibility.
-Been a champion for quality education in Wyoming.
-Represented Wyoming and Wyoming students in national policy discussions.
-Created the first ever multi-tiered comprehensive state system of school support

·From 2015 to 2018, schools “Not Meeting Expectations” decreased by ~5%.
-Created the first ever college, career, and military readiness school performance indicator
-Reduced federal regulatory burden and state data reporting
-Reduced testing time for students
-Procured new statewide assessment
-Improved the regulatory framework around virtual learning to increase access to online learning opportunities

·From 2015-18, provided professional development to over 200 teachers, cleaned up data reporting, and created a statewide learning management system for districts to use.


-Parents are the most important decision makers in education.
-Expand school choice options within and outside the public school system
-Local control means choices for students, parents, school districts, and our state as we endeavor to improve the education experience for every single student.
-Education encompasses experiences in and out of school and in traditional and non-traditional settings.
-Share data about our schools’ performance openly and transparently with an emphasis on looking at multiple measures and staying focused on continuous student and school growth.

Trusted Supporters

" Over the past four years, Superintendent Balow has been a rock solid conservative who has fought for local control of education. She believes the best decisions are made at the local level and around the dinner table."
Matt Micheli
Former Wyoming GOP Chairman